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Cotton cushion covers

Cushion cover is the protective layer that you can use with cushion. Besides, cushions can be expensive and difficult to clean. Cushion cover is used to protect your cushion during use and easy to wash. You need cushion covers to upgrade the look of your living room. We offer fully customized cushion cover as per your perfect choice.

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Embroidered cushion covers manufacturers in India 

The export world is embroidered cushion covers wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in India. We are also 100% cotton cushion covers manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. Generally, Cushion Covers most important home furnishing products. Actually, Cushion Covers is easy to remove and wash and extend the life of your cushions by keeping them cleaner. Additionally, cushions covers are to protect cushions from dust mites and stains. As a matter of fact, cushion covers is also functional and decorative covering. Cushion covers are the first line of defense to keep cushions cleaner for long time.

Wholesale cushion covers suppliers India, cotton cushion covers wholesale

The export world is cushion cover manufacturer and exporter from India. After all, we offer fully customized cushion cover as per your perfect choice. Actually, cushions get filled with dead cells, dirt etc. If you use without cushion covers, you have to change your cushions frequently. This also saves the time for cushions  washings. Our cushion covers are made with very soft fabric. These cushion covers are also hot water washable. Using both cushion covers creates a double defense against those body fluids that end up on our cushions. cushion covers are an inexpensive way to give you peace of mind and to extend the life of your cushions. Whether you choose allergy free cushion covers, luxury cushion covers or our basic style, you will sleep knowing that your cushion is staying cleaner. Cushion covers are a great starting point for home projects.

Cushion cover manufacturer & supplier

Our offered cushion cover is available in a wide range of colour, design, and size according to the demand of customers.  You need cushion covers to upgrade the look of your living room. These cushion covers are soft against your skin. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of  wide range of cushion covers. We prepare cushions covers from premium quality soft cotton fabrics. If you are looking for best quality, then we can give best quality cotton fabrics to make your Cushion Covers so that you can use for long time.

Minimum order quantity : 500
Size : As per requirement
Material : 100% cotton
Color : As per requirement
Pattern : Plain/Printed/Embroidered
Product code : TEW-111A


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