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Cotton jersey fabric

What is single jersey fabric ?

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Jersey fabric is a soft and stretchy knitted fabric that was originally made from wool but now this is making from cotton, cotton blends, and synthetic fibers. We use predominantly for clothing manufacture. Basically, its right side is smooth with a slight single rib knit and the backside is piled with loops. The fabric weight is usually light to medium and we use for a variety of clothing like t shirts & leggings. In addition, we manufacture single jersey knitted fabric mostly with 100% Cotton. After all, 100% cotton is the fabric composition is used by fabric manufacturers.

A single jersey fabric is a weft-knitted fabric that is formed by one set of needles. Most t shirt manufacturers use single jersey for making High-Quality Round Neck T-shirts, V Neck T-shirts, Tank Tops across the globe. This fabric is much smooth, flexible, stretchy, & comfortable to wear. The fabric can be a very stretchy.

What are the types in Jersey Fabric ?

There are various types of jersey fabric.

  1. Single Knit Jersey
    We make single knit jersey fabric using one set of needles and appears smooth on the front side and looped at the backside.
  2. Double-knit jersey
    In other names known to be Interlock fabric, Interlock fabric is manufactured to provide smooth surfaces on both sides.

Fabric Uses

We use single jersey fabric for t-shirts, top and leggings. This is because the material is very breathable, soft, smooth. It doesn’t stay locked between the garment and the skin. It is a popular option for regular t-shirts.  

This fabrics don’t have to be used for a specific application. As long as a material fits your design, it’s suitable for the job.  

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