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Private Labelling vs. White Labelling: What’s the Difference?

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We’re going to discuss the White Labelling vs Private Labelling. There is a difference between these two labels which most people don’t understand.

What is white labelling?

White labelling is the process where you can sell generic products through multiple retailers. Additionally, Each retailer can customize the label of the product with their company’s brand. You can’t change the product but you can customize the label & package of the product. You can add these into your pre-made product. There is no branding label, only the necessary safety and care labels. 

What is bio wash t shirts ? What is white labelling ?

What is private labelling?

  A private label is a brand whose owner is a company. A private-label brand is almost always offered exclusively by the firm who owns it. Sometimes the brand is licensed to another company. The most common private label product is one that is outsourced, in which a one company or firm is contracted to make a product under another brand.  

What is private labelling ?

How to sell white label products ?

You can brand white label products yourself to sell in a market, event or shop. Additionally, You can rebrand with your company logo, name, and contact details. It could be something such as a tag or label, inside or outside of the garment.

How to sell private label clothing ?

This is already branded, with your logo, company name. you sell them anywhere without any change. You have the ability to open a store, where you can sell these clothing. You need to add your design to the products. Basically, You can then use your social media to promote your private label product, and your customers can order directly from there.

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