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What is bio wash ?

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Bio-wash is a wet, permanent finish that we usually do before or after of fabric dyeing. It is also known as bio-polishing, and is done only with cotton fabrics.

During this process, we add some acid and enzymes to the fabric. The process is takes place at very high temperatures to avoid pilling, rough surface to make a soft and silky fabric. This gives the fabric a superior colour brightness and glossier appearance.

Bio-wash increases the softness texture to the fabric and there will be no rough ends anymore on the fabric. It also increases the fabric life with some more durability. At early times, chemicals were used to apply over fabric but that decrease the life of fabric.  Bio-wash makes the fabric more shine and increases the luster compare to chemical.

The Benefits of Bio-Wash

To get rid of roughness, and pills of the fabrics

It also protects our skin from various ailments and allergies that can be caused by other chemical washes.

To prevent colourloss or shading of the garments.

To save the material from scratch.

Actually, bio wash is good for the environment, as it is a natural chemical; nature easily breaks it down to lower components that are not harmful for humans and animals both

It increases sew-ability, washing speed and low smudging propensity

To maintain substrate smoothness and a simple structured look of the fabrics

To enhance product texture comfort and versatility.

Converting fabrics from an inferior grade, to a premium quality material with a unique, better quality surface.

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